Twitter pode ser uma bosta. Twitter pode ser do caralho. Depende das pessoas.

Para quem gosta de propaganda, um cara genial para seguir no Twitter é o Lee Clow – o chairman e diretor global da TBWA. O cara foi considerado o sucessor dos DDBs  – Doyle Dane Bernbach e tem mais de 19 páginas de criações no AdForum! É um dos responsáveis pelo filme 1984 e Crazy Ones  do lançamento da Apple. Uma lenda. Um dos nove caras que ganhou o Lifetime Achievement Award, prêmio que o Marcello Serpa também  levou.

Na verdade quem escreve no Twitter é a lendária barba dele, ghostwriter contratada. A Lee Clow’s Beard – @leeclowsbeard:

“The Beard welcomes some poser from Boulder. Pay attention, kid. You might learn a little something called advertising”.

“The Beard has surpassed 350 followers. You shall all be amply rewarded in the coming follicarchy”.

O cara é um mestre. Sente a filosofia e o twitter dele:

“The better the work, the shorter the presentation”.

“The better the work, the shorter the case study”.

“”Because it’s cool,” justifies my existence, not your ad’s”.

“An ad should say one thing well. Now here are fifty-three bullet points why”.

“Being “direct” is not the same as being persuasive”.

“Too many people think the things that are easy about advertising are hard, and vice versa”.

“One list of bullet points does not equal a “single most-persuasive message”.

“The term “focus group” was coined by either a complete fool or a master of irony”.

“I’d have a lot more followers if it was 1992”.

“Few things guarantee failure faster than the “safe” option”.

“Do you remember the last bullet point you read? Me neither. Impact requires craft”.

“If you’re at the office, go home. The advertising will be there tomorrow”.

“Like all storytelling, great advertising dresses archetypical structures in alluring new clothes. Dress your brand appropriately”.

“On your way to making an emotional connection, don’t bypass the intellectual one”.

“The more indecisive the client, the fewer options they should see”

“Consumers really don’t care about your paradigm shifting. Relevancy will always be king”.

“You can’t fix a strategy in post”.

“Every client wants something new. And three examples of where it’s worked before”.

“When concepting, it’s best to get as many people as possible into one room. And then go somewhere else”.

“Nothing kills a bad product faster than great advertising”.

“Take the rest of the afternoon off”.

“Consumers never complain about ads being too smart”.

“Just because everyone (ad folks) is doing it doesn’t mean anyone (consumers) actually likes it”.

“Effective advertising makes the familiar seem new and the new seem familiar”.

“If a client doesn’t deserve your best thinking, why are they your client”?

“The biggest waste of time & money in most agencies is the inability to make a decision. Lead yourselves. Lead your clients.”

“This applies to brands and people alike: If you have nothing to say, don’t. Better to remain mysterious than be annoying”.

“B2B = B2C. No one picks up an industry pub and thinks, “Two men shaking hands in front of columns really speaks to me.”

“I said nothing today and gained a scad of followers. Hmmm”.

A prova de que o Twitter serve para alguma coisa. É só seguir: @leeclowsbeard

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